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WE NEED TO SEND THIS BIGOT TO WEST HOLLYWOOD CA. Barred From the Website Forum: But Can the Association Do That? Homeowners groups tread a fine line to keep postings civil, as a south O.C. resident found. May 04, 2005|Daniel Yi | Times Staff Writer Bo Kelleher admits that on some subjects, he minces no words. Same-sex marriage is "garbage," he says. Abortion-rights activists are "morally bereft," and child molesters are "subhuman." But when he... Read more

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A few years ago my business marketing software sent mister Bo Kelleher an E-Mail with our contact information ( Non-Profit Mortgage arbitration firm) . This was is a time when every 5th home on the street went back to the bank. Prior to the term Loan Modification becoming common place. I received a return E-Mail from mister Bo Kelleher as will be provided in evidence shortly in a civil complaint that has been under way now for three years now.... Read more

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Early today in a Santa Ana Ca. court room a judge found legal cause to pursue remedy for the plaintiff in the brief presented to the district attorney today. Along side two other legal partners today our plaintiff addressed the desire to pursue legal remedy for the clear abuse of our constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of the press. However in this case we find do reason to question the motives of said defendant (Bo Kelleher) we... Read more

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